Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolutions 2012

Looking at last years resolutions, I feel I did pretty well. It definitely helped that I wasn't called to visit teach ever since I got pregnant. As I'm still not a visiting teacher, I'm not adding that one this year. If I become one? I'll just try to be better at it for the sake of last year's resolution.

On to 2012:

1. Spend more one on one time with Porter. Yes, I'm making this number one again. I did better last year spending time with him, but now I want to make sure he and I get our own mother-son dates every month. I mean, he's going to be starting school soon (ack!), and I want to get in the habit of making more time for him and me alone before he's gone most of the day.

2. Be more thoughtful. I like to think of myself as relatively thoughtful, but in all honesty I can be much better at this.

3. Keep Positive. This encompases two aspects of my life at the moment. First, I need to continue to stay positive about the girls, and second, I need to stay positive about moving. All the moves we are doing/have done/will do is starting to give me chest pains make me crazy stress me out when I think about them. I need to not sweat the moves. (Only 2 this year...)

4. Limit time wasted. Another duplicate. I'm seriously the world's best time waster. Pinterest has not helped with this one.

Happy New Year!!

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Tara said...

Sierra! I have been thinking about you a lot lately! I think you are so amazing and those all sound like awesome goals. I definitely hear you on the moving, that is a tough one. You are such a kind person and I want to be like you. Thanks for being a wonderful example when things are tough. It is nice to have people to look. Love ya girl!