Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sinks Canyon

Porter and I went over to...

(never seen the whole name on a mountain before. Who does that? Apparently Indians.)
...to visit Seth!

Seth is basically bachelor-ing it up without being a bachelor with roommates and everything until February.

I cannot wait until February.

Anyway, Seth happened to have the day off right after Porter's and my arrival, so we took a short trip to Sinks Canyon!

Wanna know what that is?

Well, I took a picture of a sign just for you. 

Don't want to read it?

That's fine.

All you need to know is that it's on the Popo Agie river.

If you're not from here, you most likely said it wrong.

I know.

I got it wrong all day.


The first thing we did when we arrived was down into the Sinks!

Notice the sign^^
I was the least prepared of everyone and wore my Keds.

I basically skied down.

Here's what we saw once we reached the bottom...

The water is usually filled all the way up beyond those rocks in the Spring.

That day it was lucky to get past the ice.

Because of my shoe situation, I did my usual...

...capturing of the scenery.

Porter was never too far from my side.

With enormous gloves on (since the only winter gear we brought for him were boots and a coat...better prepared than me, still!)

And Seth?

Well, if you didn't catch him in his yellow coat in the picture above, he was more adventurous than either Porter or myself.

Second, we came to the overlook of the Sinks...

And took more pictures.

Proof of my presence.
 Then it was back to the car to go a quarter mile down to the Rise.

Only after a few snowballs.

Who says Wyoming isn't pretty?

The Rise is where the water from the river comes back to the surface!

It makes a very pretty lake.

Where four very brave, cold ducks paddled around.

We didn't stay long, but we sure enjoyed the beauty.

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