Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Christmas

I spent most of Christmas dealing with the stomach flu that has been circling this house.

Therefore, I didn't get many pictures of the events of Christmas Eve...since I'm the one who really takes the majority of our pictures.

Here is a bit of what I took over Christmas to make up for it:

Porter awoke on Christmas morning and got to have one of his gifts from Santa before church...

He, Wyatt, and Bella all had these guns and were shooting the bullets all over the house before we left.

After church, we delved into the rest of the gifts.

After eating the majority of his candy, we decided to take off his adorable church outfit before it got too messy...hence the following outfit.

Porter loved his gifts from Santa... 

Cars "big boy" underwear

The certain (Porter called it his "circle") toy from the Santa video

And, he enjoyed his gifts from family

From Mama

From us.

Porter's favorites are the last two and his "circle toy".

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing...

...well, honestly, I was still recovering so I spent a lot of the evening sleeping or cuddling with my boy.

But, everyone else?

Cute Bella with Hawaiian beads.

Playing around with Wyatt and Emily

Want to know my favorite gifts this year??

Well, even if you don't here they are...

In second place...

Our wedding album from nice and so perfect!

And in first place...

My second piece of jewelry given to me from Seth.

(The first was my wedding ring)

The gem is June's birthstone.

Well, one of the three, anyway--Alexandrite.

Gorgeous stone that changes colors in different lights.

The reason for the stone choice...

I share my birth month, June, with my girls.

So this necklace has a lot of meaning.

It was a wonderful Christmas even with my sickness.

Christmas is always wonderful.

I hope yours was more healthy but as great as mine.

Merry Christmas!

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Tiffany and Kent M said...

aww, I love that he got you that necklace, brought tears to my eyes. I love thoughtful gifts like that. Good work Sierra, you picked a gooder!