Sunday, January 29, 2012


If you can't stand finding temporary housing raise your hand.

*hand raised*

I have spent the majority of the last month looking for a place to live.

Seth's busy driving back and forth 2.5 hours every week to be much of a help.

Plus, I'm the one who really cares about little things like space for all our stuff.

After hours days on the computer and calling people, I narrowed my seemingly never-ending list down to 5 options.

Well, technically I only had 5 options to choose from as basically no one does month to month rent without making you break the bank every month.

I digress.

Friday, Seth and I took a trip down to Cheyenne to check out each of the previously mentioned places.

We found one we are the most interested in, but wont know if we can actually get into it until Wednesday.

Some people are living in it who should have moved out this last month.

So, here's hoping they get out of there.

Because of this, we didn't even get to take a look inside.

There are some things that are more important than seeing what you'll have to deal with for three months like a dishwasher in a floor-level apartment.

Who needs to see the inside of it right?

eh hem.

Maybe I can get the realtor to send me a blue-print or pictures.

While we were there, though, we decided to take a quick drive-by trip to the capitol.

It was nice to get an idea of where we would be in just a couple weeks.

And, yes, I'm totally counting down.

I want to have my husband around.


Travis and Heather said...

OH my dear I hear ya.
We lived some curry kitty infested over priced place. What an adventure that was! Your ALMOST DONE! Can't wait to see some posts about graduation. Well done you two!
What now?

Jen said...

*hand raised enthusiastically* (not the enthusiasm that represents happiness and joy).
I HATE trying to find housing for 3 months! And the only option for us is to see only pictures before we sign over our right arm to reserve it since we are 14 hours away. I'm convinced that the only type of housing available for short term leasing=noisy neighbors, bad neighborhood, smoking/pets friendly (unclean smell), and thin walls. You get lucky when you find something that'll work. And only then, it has to be divine intervention helping you along. Won't it be fantastic when we are all settled down making millions of dollars living in a house of gaudiness and luxury?! ;)