Monday, January 17, 2011

Resolutions 2011

Visiting last years resolutions, I'm happy to say that I met every goal!! Well, the punctual one got slipped up a couple times, but I'm very proud of myself.

On to this year...

1. Spend more one on one time with Porter. I think I spend a lot of time with front of a movie. He's really a very independent little boy, and I think that's partially my fault. I think I have made him independent because I usually have things to do. I want to make sure I spend an hour just hanging out with my son.

2. Be a better visiting teacher. I'm the world's worst, I think. I haven't gone visiting teaching for over three years. Shows how bad it's gotten.

3. Get out of the stinkin' house at least once a day. Self-explanitory. This year's going to be a little rough, so I need to make sure I keep this one. (And, yes, my house is stinkin' at the moment.)

4. Limit time wasted. I've gotten better at this. No more FarmTown, but I still spend too much time online on the facebook homepage, looking at craft blogs, blogging myself, and catching up on everyone's personal blogs. I need to limit it somehow, and know that if I don't get it done, then I don't get it done and it's not a big deal. (Sorry loyal readers...)

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