Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years

Before New Years Eve, the Martins came down for a visit.

Since they didn't make Christmas, they opened their gifts after they arrived.

Becca and Kelly were going to play for the Dubliners in Sun Valley, so we watched Arika and little Ava.

Ava's at the sweet little age of 5 months.

She's so fun to play with.

She even enjoys similar things Porter enjoyed at her age.

Porter was very interested in Ava.

He was very sweet with her and would try to get her to hold his pinky like she held mine when she first arrived.

He was a little jealous of all her attention, though...

I usually ended up holding them both :)

That night, surprisingly, we stayed up until midnight and rang in the new year.

At 12:05, we went to bed.

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The Hatfields said...

Your hair is so cute! I haven't seen you since you cut it. Looks like a fun weekend. And you made it to midnight...we were in bed at 12:05 as well :) That's what getting older is all about right?