Sunday, August 28, 2011

Straight to You

For our date night, Seth and I went to see...


Seth was so extremely excited that he shouted!

Actually, no he didn't.

In reality, it was more like this...

But, that probably goes without saying.

Josh was travelling with Eric Lewis, or ELEW who was on America's Got Talent.

He's a Jazz/Rock pianist and he was quite entertaining!

After about 10 minutes of him, though, I was getting anxious.

He's not who I came to see, but he did a great job and I really enjoyed his show.

It doesn't change the fact that I came for Josh.

I was SO excited to see him!!!

Not just because he's just so darn good-looking...

...but because his singing gives me chills!!

I have a confession:

I'm one of "those fans" when it comes to Josh.

I literally cried a little when he started singing, I was that excited.

Not kidding.

I am a person I occasionally make fun of!

Interesting realization.

Let me tell you, though, Josh did not disappoint!!!

He's just as incredible as he is on his albums!

If not more incredible!

Didn't think it possible.

Charming personality, great entertainer, and talented guy!

Wasn't expecting this!!

Now I just need to become famous so I can have the chance at an opportunity to sing with him.

Any tips on how to accomplish that?!

Totally serious.

It was an amazing concert!!


Jen said...

This post of yours hurt just a little to read as I am feeling the sting of jealousy :) No seriously, that is awesome that you got to see him! I'll live vicariously through you as I watch the video you took :) I too would probably be one of "those fans".

Casey Marie said...

That's so awesome! One of my favorite songs of all time is "Believe" from the Polar Express.
If you find the secret to becoming famous let me know. ;)

Emily and Joe Fairbank said...

So I will confess that I cried a little when I got to go to the michael buble concert. I was so overwhelmed with excitement when the concert started that I couldn't hold it in anymore. The tears came out and I couldn't take my eyes off of him...and this was the day after I got engaged to Joe and he was sitting next to me and I hardly noticed he was there...bad person, maybe just a little. :)
And to think my mom is totally one of Joshes musicians. She lives the life, I am telling you!

Laura said...

It WAS an incredible night! I have been a HUGE fan of his from the beginning of his career. This was my second time to see him live and he NEVER disappoints! I was in heaven for a couple hours and it took me a good week to come down off my 'Josh high'! So glad you could drag Seth along with you. My hubby doesn't do concerts. But my friend, Carol, is as big a fan as me so we had a blast!