Sunday, August 14, 2011


This week's runs ended with me experiencing my first shin splints.

Not fun, but I figured I'd just get through it.

My mom, dad, and sister came into town on Wednesday night and we went to Washington Square Thursday.

I had planned on finding some new t-shirts, but looked at the prices and thought to myself, "I can find that at the bins for .60", and didn't end up getting anything I could find there.

I think my old way of shopping has been ruined.

Anyway, while at the mall, I was limping all over the place from my splints.

We got into the Dick's Sporting Goods store to find something for my dad's knee, when I spotted these:

They're called "Sport Recovery Shoes"

And, let me tell you, they work!

The bottom is memory foam and they are so comfy.

The moment I tried them on, my shins felt better!

I think I'll go back and buy another pair.

Officially my new favorite pair of shoes.

Thanks, Mom & Dad!!!

I also found a "cure" for my running rash I get on my thighs!

Maybe a bit too much information for some of you, but, sadly, my thighs rub together no matter what I do or how tiny I am.

Now that I'm not exactly skinny anymore, it's worse, so I definitely need this cure.

It's a pair of spandex Nike Pro shorts that go low enough to keep the friction to a minimum.

My thighs are in heaven.

Sporting goods stores think of everything.

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