Sunday, August 7, 2011

Splash Park

Porter and I have spent quite a bit of time at different parks around town, but we never heard of this one...

...a super fun splash park in Hillsboro!

We went with a few other families.

{Technically, a few other moms and their kids, but that's pretty much the same thing since our husbands are gone all day long, but who pays attention to technicalities}

Little sun-bathing cuties.

The kids had a ton of fun...

...that is, when they weren't crowding around us moms.

I love that picture of Porter and Ezzy...

...and this one too...

We had a great time.

Brianne, Tracy, and Mikelle
{Thanks for putting up with my camera-happiness, ladies}

I'm sure we'll go again!!


The Hatfields said...

yes, definitely going again.
maybe this week if it's warm...i am hopeful!
and i'm glad you took pictures, because now i can steal some for my blog, since i am a loser and didn't even take my camera.

Mikelle said...

I found your blog again! I am putting it in my links list right now so I don't loose it and I can stalk you when you leave me! :)
So fun to hang out that day! We should definately do it again before the sun goes away!