Sunday, August 14, 2011

'Aint Helens

This time with clearer skies...

...and with family! 

We got to go to the Johnston Ridge Observatory this time since it wasn't closed because of snow.

We arrived during a small lecture on the history of the mountain.

During that lecture, we learned that Helens has only replaced 4% of itsself in the 31 years since its eruption.

We also learned that the wildlife was not afraid of you.

In the Observatory, we got to watch a movie about the eruption.

While waiting, I noticed the lights...

Can you tell what they are?

If not, here's a closer look.

I know, I take pictures of weird things, but I thought those little St. Helens were cute and clever.

And at the end of the show?

The curtain was raised to a beautiful view.

Seth and Porter on the right
After the show, we went out to enjoy the scenery.

Mount Adams


Fallen trees
We had a great time!

On the way back, we made a stop by Sasquach.

Um, Dad?...You know where you are, right?

Fun day.

(You can hear Porter smacking his lips when he talks even though it's dark. Not sure where he gets that, but I'm going to pay attention to my phone calls...)

Miss you already!!

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