Sunday, September 4, 2011

Done & Done

Do not pull hair out while Porter practically kicks a hole in his door has a mind of his own...Check

Put every single one of his toys in "time out"...Check.

Have the control to keep those toys from going in the garbage to the nearest Goodwill...Check.

Keep firm and stay calm in your punishments...Check.

Wonder if you have the strength to remain calm during similar times like this when Seth wont be around as backup in Wyoming...Check.

Hope for the best...Check.

Let Porter know you love him unconditionally...Check.

Cry a little while wishing his siblings were here to occupy him in something other than fighting with Mommy (even though it probably wouldn't have made much of a difference)...Check.

Make sure Seth hasn't figured out that you've gone insane...Question mark.



The Hatfields said...

haha...i have days like that.
a lot.
must be the age.
maybe someday we'll look back and laugh?!

Laura Howe said...

Oh boy....Keep up the good work. I think it is the age too. I decided earlier today that 3 is HARD! I thought maybe it was just the first, but no, it's happening again. Good luck. Sometimes screaming helps :) ok maybe not but I always try it anyways.