Sunday, September 18, 2011

21 Day Challenge Days 1 Through 4

Even though the competition was cancelled, I thought I'd do the challenge all by my lonesome with a pat on the back from myself as a reward.

Besides, who doesn't want a wardrobe challenge?

Especially when their wardrobe is "fat clothes" that are 3 years old...

The cute circle pictures that describe the day are from this version's creator Freckles in April who held a competition not too long ago.

Without further ado...

Day one, I decided to remix my navy and white striped shirt.

You'll see this shirt three more times during the challenge. 

I definitely didn't want to tuck in a shirt to show off my horrible belly, so I tucked in my pants!

Smart me. 

I really like this I remixed! (#2) 

And, today's!

This is fun...

Stay tuned for days 5 through 11 next week.

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