Sunday, August 28, 2011

Straight to You

For our date night, Seth and I went to see...


Seth was so extremely excited that he shouted!

Actually, no he didn't.

In reality, it was more like this...

But, that probably goes without saying.

Josh was travelling with Eric Lewis, or ELEW who was on America's Got Talent.

He's a Jazz/Rock pianist and he was quite entertaining!

After about 10 minutes of him, though, I was getting anxious.

He's not who I came to see, but he did a great job and I really enjoyed his show.

It doesn't change the fact that I came for Josh.

I was SO excited to see him!!!

Not just because he's just so darn good-looking...

...but because his singing gives me chills!!

I have a confession:

I'm one of "those fans" when it comes to Josh.

I literally cried a little when he started singing, I was that excited.

Not kidding.

I am a person I occasionally make fun of!

Interesting realization.

Let me tell you, though, Josh did not disappoint!!!

He's just as incredible as he is on his albums!

If not more incredible!

Didn't think it possible.

Charming personality, great entertainer, and talented guy!

Wasn't expecting this!!

Now I just need to become famous so I can have the chance at an opportunity to sing with him.

Any tips on how to accomplish that?!

Totally serious.

It was an amazing concert!!

Quick Visit

I had a visit from a good friend from choir!

We sang next to each other at this last concert and would end up chatting through most of rehearsal!

Totally worth the "looks", but we should have gone out for ice cream instead ;).

She's such a sweetheart, and I miss getting to see her every week!

Thanks for coming, Carrie!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

BF Birthday

Ezra (current preffered name: Ife) turned 3 last week!

We got to join in the celebration!

And help eat all the cupcakes!

Happy birthday,!


No, not that Hannibal.

(Just because I'm impressed-- I just googled that name and there are actually a lot of Hannibal things unreated to that movie. And, no I haven't seen it.)

Our friends, Bryce and Sierra, came for a visit to Portland, and we got to go to lunch and hang out for a few hours!

Yes, I realize how much this looks like a family picture...and I realize how much my gut is sticking out.
It had been four years since we last saw them!

We used to hang out quite a bit when we lived in Dallas and Rexburg together.

Both Bryce and Sierra are so much fun to be around!

We had a great time catching up and getting to meet their adorable daughter, Macie.

Love you guys!

Wish we lived closer, again.



Baby is sleeping.

25 Items

All for .48 a piece!!

I know!

Not only was it such a small price, but you wont believe the brands.




Both Target: Liz Lange Maternity & Mossimo

a.n.a, Abercrombie & Fitch, J.Crew, Soprano


Gap & Old Navy
Arizona & No Boundaries

Heritage 1981 & Forever 21

A BSU sweatshirt & A sweet pair of rain boots.

And, I found some stuff for Seth!

Mountain Dew shirt, V4RT, & Michael Kors
Plus a cute little broken airplane that Porter picked up.

This was all at my last Bins trip!

Couldn't have done it without a couple friends!

Totally worth the extra loads of laundry this week.

Like I said, I think I'm hooked.

Now, I just want to spread the word about how awesome this place is.

Definitely one place that'll be missed when we move.

Thanks Tracy & Brianne!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Up There

What happens when I'm blogging for a while...

Porter gets teased.

He was nonchalantly sitting in his drum when Daddy picks him up and sets him atop the fridge.

But he doesn't seem to mind much when he can finally reach things he's not supposed to have!

Silly Seth.

'Aint Helens

This time with clearer skies...

...and with family! 

We got to go to the Johnston Ridge Observatory this time since it wasn't closed because of snow.

We arrived during a small lecture on the history of the mountain.

During that lecture, we learned that Helens has only replaced 4% of itsself in the 31 years since its eruption.

We also learned that the wildlife was not afraid of you.

In the Observatory, we got to watch a movie about the eruption.

While waiting, I noticed the lights...

Can you tell what they are?

If not, here's a closer look.

I know, I take pictures of weird things, but I thought those little St. Helens were cute and clever.

And at the end of the show?

The curtain was raised to a beautiful view.

Seth and Porter on the right
After the show, we went out to enjoy the scenery.

Mount Adams


Fallen trees
We had a great time!

On the way back, we made a stop by Sasquach.

Um, Dad?...You know where you are, right?

Fun day.

(You can hear Porter smacking his lips when he talks even though it's dark. Not sure where he gets that, but I'm going to pay attention to my phone calls...)

Miss you already!!

Thatcher Park

Most of Friday, we hung out at the park.

Gammie & Porter

It was nice to just relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Grumpa in the middle of saying "burger" to my "cheese"

Mikki looks way better in my aviators than I do.

I love the weather here this summer!

That night, Mikki watched Porter and the adults got to go through the temple.

I felt the presence of my girls with me, and almost didn't want to leave.

It was a wonderful experience.

I even think it was better than usual since I now look at things from an entirely different perspective.

Thanks, Mikki!!


This week's runs ended with me experiencing my first shin splints.

Not fun, but I figured I'd just get through it.

My mom, dad, and sister came into town on Wednesday night and we went to Washington Square Thursday.

I had planned on finding some new t-shirts, but looked at the prices and thought to myself, "I can find that at the bins for .60", and didn't end up getting anything I could find there.

I think my old way of shopping has been ruined.

Anyway, while at the mall, I was limping all over the place from my splints.

We got into the Dick's Sporting Goods store to find something for my dad's knee, when I spotted these:

They're called "Sport Recovery Shoes"

And, let me tell you, they work!

The bottom is memory foam and they are so comfy.

The moment I tried them on, my shins felt better!

I think I'll go back and buy another pair.

Officially my new favorite pair of shoes.

Thanks, Mom & Dad!!!

I also found a "cure" for my running rash I get on my thighs!

Maybe a bit too much information for some of you, but, sadly, my thighs rub together no matter what I do or how tiny I am.

Now that I'm not exactly skinny anymore, it's worse, so I definitely need this cure.

It's a pair of spandex Nike Pro shorts that go low enough to keep the friction to a minimum.

My thighs are in heaven.

Sporting goods stores think of everything.

The "Bins" 2

I made a trip to the "bins" for the second time a couple weeks ago.

This time by myself since I found some time on my hands.

I realized how slow you go digging through those clothes all by yourself!

Finds aren't as much, either, but I thought I did a pretty good job for being alone...

I'll write what I remember of the brands since I am not wanting to dig through the dirty clothes can't find some.

Left to Right: nice shirt for Seth, two Forever 21 shirt/dresses, nice dark chocolate slacks for Seth, Gray Wrangler jeans for Seth, Jones New York sweater (almost a sweater dress), and Target shorts for Porter (he actually has the same ones a size smaller).

Pretty good find for only being there an hour by myself, I'd say.

I think I'm hooked.