Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vehicles & Letters

My brain isn't working well enough to come up with a clever title today...

We got a Dodge Durango because we needed a bigger car for the girls and for the move in November.

Even though the girls didn't make it, we still need the car.

Therefore, for a while we had three cars.

This isn't a good thing when our complex only gives out one parking permit and the tow company sends someone who is a towing Nazi.

So, Ben was kind enough to take our Camry off our hands.

Oh yah, we have...had I guess now...a Camry!

We loved it.

Saved on gas and helped me feel more independent.

Obviously vehicles aren't my #1 priority in blogging or you would have known about this sooner.

Anywho, so Ben is here!

And, this is the biggest thing that's been happening...


That's about it.

Hopefully we will have more exiting things to report next week on Ben's visit.

And Porter?

Well, he's been busy staring out the window wishing he belonged to the families that are outside playing...

 ...but while he's been wishing, he's been working on his Alphabet.

He still doesn't know it as well as he knows cars.

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Laura Howe said...

oh brother!! jump on them!! Porter's a cute one!