Sunday, July 10, 2011

Going With the Flow

I love spontaneous weekends.

My original "plan" for the weekend was to clean since my house had become an unruly mess.

Then, Seth suggested we go shooting!

Anything is better than cleaning.

Well, the rock quarry that is used as a shooting range near Browns Camp was closed so it could be used for what it's originally supposed to be used as.

That was a little disappointing.

So, since we had Ty with us, we decided to go the rest of the way to Tillamook and introduce him to the Cheese Factory and Cape Meares.

Since I already have a bunch of pictures of the million other times we've been to those locations, I just took a few new ones of things we did differently.


My adorable son driving the Loaf van.

The fixed glass on the lighthouse:

And, the damage that still needs to be fixed: 

We were still unable to go up to the light because of the damage.

Thank you, again, doers of vandalism for destroying that opportunity for others.

It was nice to have a weekend where we just did whatever we felt like doing.

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Alanah May said...

What a beautiful heart-touching blog you have. I have never sheded a tear for a blog until now. I admire how strong you are.