Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In Casper Part Two - A Gift

We made sure to show Porter his sisters.

I'm not sure he fully understands everything that's going on, but he seems to know that the babies aren't coming home with us.

We explained the whole situation to him in a way he could understand, so now when we talk about the babies, he says "the babies are dead...that's sad...they're living with Jesus, so they're happy...we get to see them again if we're really good and be reverent."

Smart boy.

We had a small viewing for our parents and our little family before our service after getting to dress them.

We decided to put them in the same casket.

They wanted so bad to be together that they broke their membrane, so we thought it was appropriate and what they would have wanted.

Because they share a casket, Porter was given the toy that came with it...

This way, he got a gift from his sisters.

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Suzanne said...

Thanks for the post. I hope you are doing well! We will be out there in August I believe. email me!