Sunday, July 10, 2011

O Beautiful for Spacious Skies

Seth, Porter, and I returned from Casper just before the Fourth.

We wanted to make sure we made it to the Banks fireworks!

We went last year and really enjoyed the optional karaoke, booths, races, and pre-show entertainment.

We most especially enjoyed the three firework 'finales' during the show!

This year only had two, so I think they're running low on their budget.

Surprise, surprise...

Anyway, this year, Seth and Porter squeezed in a barrel so they could do this:

We were joined by a bunch of friends before the show, and enjoyed ourselves :)

My favorite part of Independence Day this year was done a couple weeks before...

We sang tributes to our military, and the reactions of the military members in the audience were priceless and even made me tear up.

My seat in the concert made it slightly more entertaining since I sat behind the tuba and the babies were kept awake throughout the performance.

It was fun to feel their little surprised jumps.

Maybe they were dancing.

Sadly, I only got to perform once because of what happened between the two performance dates, but I enjoyed every bit of my involvement in the Portland Mormon Choir and Orchestra.

I will miss that group.

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Jen said...

LOL! Seth squeezed into that barrel is so funny. Hey, this ride's just not for kids :)