Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mount Saint Helens

This is the most exciting thing we did for Seth's Spring Break this year!

It was the most clear day out of the week, but we still hit some clouds over the mountain on our way...

Even when we got there, it was pretty hard to see it.

*hint: it's the big white cloud blob

Porter was pretty unsure about the situation up close to the mountain, but was talking about going to see "the mountain with fire in it" the whole day until that point.

I found it fascinating that the trail we took was almost completely ash rock!

Not only that, but that there were so many ash domes all over the valley floor!


I think Someone heard my slightly disappointed heart at the clouds and wanted to help because the clouds started clearing the further we got on the trail.

(We didn't go very far...3 year old and a pregnant lady...)

Meanwhile, Porter wasn't too happy about being in the cold and started complaining.

My poor frozen child had to put up with his super excited mom...

...who was especially excited when she got to see more of the mountain.

Gladly, and sadly, that is the clearest it got.

I was amazed at how LARGE that mountain was.

I wasn't expecting that.

Even though it had lost elevation in the explosive eruption of 1980, it is still quite a sight.

On our way out, we stopped by a beautiful lake!

Coldwater Lake

Fitting name.

It's a little hard to tell in the picture, but the lake was a gorgeous shade of green!

On the edge of the blast zone, there was a sweet bridge...

I still think the Perrine in Twin is the prettiest bridge ever, but I may be prejudice.

We even got to meet a celebrity!


Fun day!

Great break!


Kristina said...

How beautiful! Glad you enjoyed your Spring Break.

Jen said...

I love Mount Saint Helens! I think the story of it is fascinating. It's pretty crazy to see the pictures of it blowing up and to hear some of the survivor stories.

Jamie & Ryan said...

Ryan and I are moving to the Portland area soon and I just realized that you live really close to there. At least I think you do... If I am right, we need to get together sometime after we move there! It's been ages! I hope you will still be there when we come. We plan to make the move from Omaha to Portland in June!