Sunday, March 6, 2011


It's just mean.

A pregnant woman should not catch a cold.

Let alone catch a cold three times in three months and not be able to take any drugs that will actually help with symptoms.

If you didn't know, I'm a nursery leader.

I take the children with runny noses out of nursery every Sunday to keep myself and the other children from catching their sickness that has already been put in the room because they were dropped off.

Maybe it's pointless of me to do so, but I'm trying to make a point...and that point is:

Parents of children who are in nursery PLEASE do not drop off your kids when they are ill.

And, with that I mean if they have ANY symptoms of being sick don't bring them in.

We already have to deal with the germs on all of the toys because of parents in previous wards who put their sick child in nursery.

We cannot clean those toys every week because...well, we have our own children's toys to clean at home, there's not enough time to do so before or after church, and there seems to be new toys dropped off in there every week.

I think cleaning the nursery toys should be added to the cleaning to do list every time the building gets cleaned...

Being a parent myself, I understand you have a calling and other kids to deal with...etc...but, honestly, I am very much tired of Porter getting sick, of Seth getting sick, but most especially (because I'm growing two babies) of ME getting sick.

When I'm sick, the house falls apart...almost literally.

Granted, it may not have been such a big deal if I wasn't pregnant, but Porter has also been sick a lot, and who likes it when their child is sick?

When Porter is sick, Seth and I keep him out of nursery.

PLEASE do the same thing.

...stepping off soapbox...

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Laura Howe said...

Totally agree!! We have kept our kids out of nursery so they don't get sick, because of all the stuff going around.