Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Babies Are....


We couldn't be more excited!!!

Here are some more pictures if you would like to look at our little beauties at almost 19 weeks:

Baby A (should be A for the remainder of the ultrasounds)

Baby B (will also be B for the remainder of the ultrasounds)

Their cute little heads

Baby B eating her hand

...and waving

...and kicking her sister...

A cute 3D snuggle

I certainly hope they get more meat on their little bones soon!
We've also chosen 2 names that we love, so when they come, we'll have to choose who looks more like the names...

May be hard since they're going to look exactly alike.

1. Alayna Julienne

Julienne (pronounced ju-leen) was my Gammie's (grandmother's) name.

2. Jilinda LaRene

Linda is my mother's name and Jilinda is a friend of mine who I met in Vocal Union who is an amazing person. LaRene is Seth's mother's name.

We already love our little girls to bits, and are so excited to meet them!


Dione said...

OH MY GOSH!! So exciting! Congrats, the names are just adorable, like i'm sure they will be!

Laura Howe said...

I am so excited they are girls. Matching girls is the best!! I totally LOVE the names!! so cute.

Suzanne said...

Hot dang! They'll be just like my twin and I. We fought mainly over clothes, but I am super excited for you guys, and them. There's nothing better than having a twin sister (as a girl)

Audrey said...

Congrats! That is so exciting, now you get to pick out lots of baby girl stuff! I love your names too!

Allison said...

Congratulations! Girls are a lot of fun. So fun to see the ultrasound pictures.

Jen said...

oohh, they're so cute. I love twin ultrasounds!