Thursday, July 8, 2010

5th of July Barbeque

To keep up with tradtion, we had a barbeque!
There was quite a turnout!

I actually brought my camera's batteries inside the camera this time, too!
Anywho...I was actually too busy holding the new babies that were there and didn't really take a whole lot of pictures in the first place.
The kids had plenty to do!
Mostly water games...and I apparently didn't get the memo because:

No swimsuit.
Oh, he has one.
Best part was when we were about to go home and he was waddling all over the place with his full diaper-bum.
Guess what was Porter's favorite part of the slip-n-slide.

He's looking right at it.


It was a great day!

Lots of food, friends, and competitive four square.

Seth didn't participate this time.
He preferred to "chill".
Thanks Nelsons!

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