Thursday, July 8, 2010

Night Energy

If you didn't know, Porter has a lot of energy at night.

It's even been said that it's then that "he's at his best".

Well, I'm not sure I'd say it was his best.

More his most fun.

Maybe because he gets loopy when he is starting to become tired.

**rash around his mouth is from teething...getting some last molars in there that have been growing in for about a month now**

Then he becomes playful...

...a little strange...

...and really cute.

He kept noticing me taking the pictures, and wanted to "see" and take pictures with me.

But then, he decided he wanted to take his own pictures...

**my very first digital camera...will upload his pics soon if he ever lets me touch it**

Porter is a very serious photographer.

But, he enjoys his work.

He carries it around in a slightly odd way, though...

...and gets pretty upset if it doesn't stay put.

Usually when the tears start, it's time to put it away and go to bed.

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