Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sierra's 25th Birthday

Hard to believe I turned 25.

That's a quarter of a century old!

The day began as a pretty normal Monday.

I had a doctor appointment to check on the girls, and got some pretty pictures:

I was tired from driving when I got back home, but made sure to bid a really great friend a "see-ya later" (I don't do well with goodbyes) before she and her sweet family would be leaving the next day.

Me, Jenny Rudolph and her boy Andrew
 We got to go eat at my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, before heading home for some cake.

Porter wanted to eat the cake more than take a picture.
I was okay with the fact we were out of candles since I was having a hard time breathing anyway.

Then Seth came through the door with this!

Well, it didn't look like this at first--it was in a box, and he put it together.

I hope it's true what they say about never forgetting how to ride a bike!


Jennifer said...

I'm SO jealous about your bike. I have been wanting one. Last week at an antique store I found a 1954 original red Schwinn. It was $250 and I seriously considered blowing my entire summer yard sale fun on it :)
I'm sure you'll pick it right back up!
Happy (late) birthday to you.

Kristi said...

You're 25?!? Man.... that is so young! When did you live in Oregon...2007 or 2008? I maybe was only 25 back then :) I hope you enjoy your new bike, I hope to get one as soon as Gwen learns how to ride. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers!