Sunday, June 12, 2011

28 Weeks Ultrasounds and 29 Week Update

I got to see the girls twice this week due to my multiple appointments, and we got some pretty good pictures this time around!

Best part about this week is that I have no more new and unusal things to report!

So without further ado:

Baby A (who has a white spot on her heart, so they still know who is who)

Baby B

Baby A 2nd ultrasound

Baby B second ultrasound


Baby A

Baby B

B holding A's head!


They just wanted to be closer together.

They will be taken at 34 weeks by c-section.

I made sure to visit the NICU at the hospital on Saturday so I could have some idea of how it will be when they are there, and I'm glad I did.

There was a set of twin boys I got to see, and they were taken at about 30 weeks.

They were TEENY!!!

When I saw them and all the wires they were hooked up to, I thought to myself, It's fine if the girls stay inside for five more weeks.

Even if I become so enormous I can't move.


Kristina said...

Baby A in the 3D ultrasound looks like Porter!!
I'm praying that those little girls continue to grow strong and have a healthy delivery.

The Browning Family said...

Sounds like you have been busy at your house. Hope all goes well the next 5 weeks and with the delivery!

Suzanne said...

How Exciting! It's so close... We will pray all goes well! :)

Jamie & Ryan said...

I am LOVING those 3D pictures. They are super cool!! I hope I get to see your girls in person before you guys move away! We need to work on getting together sometime soon :) Do your Dr. appointments happen to be in Portland??