Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hogle Zoo

We joined our friends and neighbors on an outing to Hogle Zoo!
Where I got to try my panoramic photo feature on my iPhone that I didn't know about...heh
 The kids had a ton of fun!

Ella, Porter, and Tommy
And, most of the animals were actually awake and playing!
I think the kids (including the big ones) were the most entertained by this globe near the entrance.

Locating the golden continents

And, I had the most fun getting to hang out with this girl...
Laura and me
Us redheads gotta stick together!
We had a great time!

Green = Gross

Except for carrots and sweet potatoes, this is the reaction we get from Lilia when she has vegetables.

She's not a fan.


Lilia got her first bump on the head a little while ago.
I had her in her rocker so she could be close to me while I was busy in the bathroom.
I was about to close our mirrored sliding doors to our closet (because I'm OCD about them being open), when  I heard stuff rattle like I had hit something with the door.
I started opening the door again to see what it was, and this came tumbling out...
...the corner of it landing right on Lilia's head.
I was horrified as I watched it all happen in slow motion.
Feeling hopeless.
She had a couple supplement bottles land in her lap, but, thankfully, she wasn't too badly hurt.
She was surprised more than anything, and I comforted her before taking a look at things.

Look at that smile! Even with the bump on her head.
 She got annoyed with me when I put some ice on the bump...
...and wasn't too fond of the flashlight as I checked her pupils until I let her hold it.

But, then she found it wasn't very soft, and was done with it.
Until she took her afternoon nap, this is how she let me know she was upset with things...
Pitiful as an art form.
I was happy that only the corner of the shelves hit instead of what would have happened had she just been a foot back from where she was.
I'm so glad she was fine, and have since made it clear that we need to make sure those white drawers are shut at all times.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baby Sister

I'm not the only one who is happy Lilia is here...

Sweet Baby Girl

 After losing the twins, my heart ached for another daughter.
I wanted another girl because I felt cheated when I had to bury my two.
At my 20 week appointment when we found out we were indeed pregnant with another girl, happy tears ran uncontrollably down my cheeks.
God was giving me a tender mercy.
From that time on during the pregnancy, every time I was asked what the gender of my baby was, I had the biggest grin on my face when I told them my baby was a girl.

I'm sure there were some who wondered why I was grinning so big.
Now that she is out, those tender mercies keep coming.
My baby girl came to me at exactly the time she was supposed to.
She came to help me with comfort and healing.
She came to give me the sweetest grins, and to hold my hand.
She came to fill my heart to bursting with overwhelming love for her.
I am so happy she is here.

And, she is happy to be here.
I truly am so blessed.

Conference Weekend

I love General Conference weekend.
I love the messages given and the opportunity we have to listen so we can learn and grow in the gospel.
Every conference I feel better about myself and more determined to do what I know is right.
This conference weekend was no different.
We went up to Kaysville to enjoy conference with family.
My sister-in-law Laura is due any moment now with baby number five, so in between Saturday's sessions, we went out and got pedicures.
I seriously love pedicures.
It was the first one I'd gotten in two years.
Way overdue.
Conference is always better when you get to listen with family.

Porter with his cousins.

6 Months

Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Easter!

All dolled up for Easter...

My kids are adorable. 

Since we did a huge egg-hunt at Gammie's house, we decided to only celebrate Easter Sunday's true meaning the day of this year, and focused on the Savior of the World.
I really like how we did it, and might even make this our tradition!
Hope your Easter was wonderful!

New Fun Stuff

Lilia likes to make new noises...
...and play some new games...
We sure love our cute girl!

Multi-Holiday Dinner

Every year, my family puts on a dinner around Valentines that we call our "Sweetheart's Dinner".
This year, every one's free time was lacking, so we rescheduled our dinner to the week before Easter.
We decided, since it was pretty far past Valentine's Day, that we would combine the holidays into one big celebration.
Lilia with Grumpa
 We started with some egg-dying.

Pretty Missy!

Then while Gammie continued her brilliant culinary skills in the kitchen...
Hiding behind the flour will not stop me from taking a picture!
...the kids went on an egg hunt! 

Egg hunting is serious business

River showing me her basket

Porter's loot

Isaac's yummy finds
 Then, once all eggs were found (and divided...Easter is not capitalist), we gathered for dinner!
Eric's beautiful-ness
 Here, we celebrated more of Easter...

Perhaps some Christmas??
...Valentine's Day...
Heart-shaped ravioli!
...and St. Patrick's Day!
So cute!
We had a wonderful weekend, and wish the festivities had lasted longer!


Someone figured out how to wiggle to Mommy...

Hi, My Name is Toad

Helmets are important!
Even when they don't fit.
And, remind your mom of this guy.

Little Seaman

Bringing out my side of the family.