Monday, April 15, 2013

Multi-Holiday Dinner

Every year, my family puts on a dinner around Valentines that we call our "Sweetheart's Dinner".
This year, every one's free time was lacking, so we rescheduled our dinner to the week before Easter.
We decided, since it was pretty far past Valentine's Day, that we would combine the holidays into one big celebration.
Lilia with Grumpa
 We started with some egg-dying.

Pretty Missy!

Then while Gammie continued her brilliant culinary skills in the kitchen...
Hiding behind the flour will not stop me from taking a picture!
...the kids went on an egg hunt! 

Egg hunting is serious business

River showing me her basket

Porter's loot

Isaac's yummy finds
 Then, once all eggs were found (and divided...Easter is not capitalist), we gathered for dinner!
Eric's beautiful-ness
 Here, we celebrated more of Easter...

Perhaps some Christmas??
...Valentine's Day...
Heart-shaped ravioli!
...and St. Patrick's Day!
So cute!
We had a wonderful weekend, and wish the festivities had lasted longer!

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