Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sweet Baby Girl

 After losing the twins, my heart ached for another daughter.
I wanted another girl because I felt cheated when I had to bury my two.
At my 20 week appointment when we found out we were indeed pregnant with another girl, happy tears ran uncontrollably down my cheeks.
God was giving me a tender mercy.
From that time on during the pregnancy, every time I was asked what the gender of my baby was, I had the biggest grin on my face when I told them my baby was a girl.

I'm sure there were some who wondered why I was grinning so big.
Now that she is out, those tender mercies keep coming.
My baby girl came to me at exactly the time she was supposed to.
She came to help me with comfort and healing.
She came to give me the sweetest grins, and to hold my hand.
She came to fill my heart to bursting with overwhelming love for her.
I am so happy she is here.

And, she is happy to be here.
I truly am so blessed.

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Desiree Collier said...

I love this post. It may just be hormones but I cried. I am a big baby. You have the sweetest little girl and I am so happy she is here to. :) We still need to hang out soon ;)