Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lilia’s Blessing Day

We were able to bless Lilia the Sunday after Thanksgiving.
Keeping up with my tradition, I made her dress.
Luckily, she was able to fit it since I had measured it two weeks earlier.
During her blessing, she was great, and didn’t even cry!
After, though, she was ready to eat, so I had to make an early exit.
My best friend since birth, Suzanne, was able to make the blessing!
She sat with me and exited when I did because she wasn’t able to spend more time with us at the
luncheon we had planned after the meeting.
I’m so glad we took these pictures out in the foyer!
(grabbed from her Facebook)
The luncheon went really well!
I wasn’t able to take many pictures of everyone there—mostly because everyone scattered when the camera came out—but there was a lot of support.


It was so great to see everyone and spend some time together.
The babies got to enjoy their Gammies’ arms for a while…
…and we all got to celebrate our sweetheart's arrival.

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