Monday, December 31, 2012

Home Again Home Again Sick-ety Sick & Resolutions 2013

We had to cut our vacation short due to sickness otherwise we would still be in Idaho.

So far, Seth has been the only one who hasn't caught it.

Lucky duck.

We've had a rough couple of nights with Lilia's stuffiness and Porter's tummy issues.

Not to mention my incapacity.

So, our New Years isn't going to be all that exciting tonight!

Because I'm on anyway, I'll update on my yearly goals for everyone who cares...

Resolutions 2013:

1. LOSE WEIGHT!!--I know, totally cliche. But, seriously, I've got 50+ pounds (yes, you read that right and it's totally embarassing) of extra junk in my trunk that needs to disappear by next year. The eating of my body weight in delicious foods that weren't exactly the best for me this last Christmas vacation will just make it that much more fun to say the final number of pounds lost by 2014.

2. Be more patient--It's hard to keep patient when you're feeding a little one who needs you and another little one who needs you is basically trying to climb all over you while feeding so he can get more attention. I need a constant reminder that I will miss this and I need to savor each and every moment.

3. Keep positive--duplicate from last year. I'm gonna be honest and admit that I'm in denial about moving to Wyoming next July. I need to think positive about this, and I need to get my rear in gear with getting Porter into a school there...eeeek!...positive thoughts, positive thoughts...
I've honestly gotten much better about the girls now that it's been a year and a half and I have sweet Lilia to look after, but I still have my moments. I also seem to freak out in paranoia over her a lot more than I ever did with Porter, so that's something else to try to be positive about.

4. Spend more one on one time with those I love--Can never get enough of this, but always seem to have something that gets in the way of just enjoying being with members of my family. Immediate and extended. So, I'm going to make an extra effort to put my family before my chores. (Hard for me since I'm kinda OCD about what I need to get done at home)

Happy New Year!!

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The Pitts Family said...

Good resolutions. I need to be more patient too. And keep more positive, especially since I pretty much can't stand Tumwater, so glad its temporary. Miss you!