Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Office

Not the show.

(Although, it is one of our absolute favorites.)

Porter and I visited "the office" or Jensen Eye Care, Seth's future workplace, to pick up something from storage in the basement.

The secretaries love getting to shower Porter with trinkets when we visit.

This is what he came home with this time:

He loves the watch, especially.

So much so that he cries about it if it falls off, or he can't get it on, or I wont put it on again for the 20th time in the past five minutes, or he can't find it.


Maybe I'll get him an actual one so he'll stop.

We've actually spent quite a bit of time over there (at Pops' Office) this last week.


...drum roll...


In spite of the excitement such large words show, I'm honestly not a huge fan of moving.

I wonder if it stems from never having moved since birth until college...

...or because this will be move number 11...

...or because I know we'll start move 12 in three months...

...or all of the above.


I'm excited this time around.


I told you last week.

But, if you missed it, Seth will no longer be in a separate location from Porter and me!!

Although, our various stuff will still be at four different locations.

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