Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Four years ago this last Sunday, Porter came into our lives.

And, we can't believe how much he's grown.

We first celebrated his birthday by going to church...

...after he was given a couple suckers in our new ward, we came home to really celebrate.

We gave him our gift...

A "real" bike!

Now the weather just needs to be nicer because we live right by a park!


While Seth and Porter took their Sunday naps of which I never take.

I'm not a napper.

Too much to do.

I made this awesome meal since regular mac and cheese isn't nearly as delish...

...and I made this:

Totally hideous, I know.

BUT, Porter knew who it was!

That's all that matters.

Happy Birthday to my FOUR YEAR OLD!!!

I have such a handsome little boy.

Love you SO SO much!


Emily Fairbank said...

I think the cake looks great!

Sierra said...

Thanks Shmem! You're sweet...although you may not have thought so with a closer look :)