Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Family Celebration

Since Porter's birthday landed on a Sunday this year, and it happened to be the day after we would be going back to Cheyenne, we celebrated his birthday with family right before we left.


Pizza Hut!

Porter's choice.

A quite good one, at that.


...cupcakes with blue frosting.

And, finally...


First one was from Mama and it was...

...an "I Spy" quilt!!!

Porter loves this blanket!

Every fabric piece has a different picture...

...and a fabric piece on the back that tells you what to look for.

Porter gets excited telling us what he sees.

Second gift was from Emily...

And, he loves it, too!

Super talented crafty family. 

While we had waited to open Emily's gift, we played with some k'nex, and made these:

An "arrow" helicopter--made by me.

A trike with a trailer--made by Seth
Put them together?

A trike that has a helicopter landing.

We are so glad we could celebrate holidays and birthdays with family!

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