Sunday, October 9, 2011

21 Day Challenge Days 19 through 21 AND Perfect 10 Challenge Days 7 through 10

This week was the end of the challenges!

I really enjoyed the experience as it has helped me to work with the wardrobe I already have and see that I have quite a few stylish outfits already!

I should shop my closet more.

Here's this week!

This outfit was SO comfortable!

I may wear a maxi dress every day.

Okay, probably not, but still.

I usually only wear heels when I'm going out with Seth, but I seriously love the look of heels with jeans!

Day 21 didn't have a "button" thing, but the idea was "WORK IT" as in--put together a killer outfit and 'work it'... 

 Since the one ended before the other, I had a day of the Perfect 10 that was completely by its self!

I chose this one with a purpose...

In T-minus 24 days, our family will be moving out to Wyoming.

The land of the cows.

Therefore, I thought the final outfit fitting ;)

The challenges were so much fun that when they were over, I thought it a bit strange that I wasn't going to take a picture of my outfit on days following.

Cute and fun idea.

I still think the Perfect 10 was way better.

(Again, the 21 day one was all on my own.)

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