Sunday, October 2, 2011

21 Day Challenge Days 12 through 18 AND Perfect 10 Challenge Days 1 through 6

That's right.

I decided to do both at the same time.

I mean, it doesn't really matter if I do because with the 21 Day one, I'm not getting anything for it anyway!

Here's this week:

 To make it so this pic was more "jazzy" I guess, I added jazz hands...

I'm awesome like that.
Day 13 was the beginning of the Perfect 10 Challenge on Facebook!

I looked through the cards we were given and chose ones that would kinda "go with" the various days in the 21D one.

This is what I came up with...

Because Day 13 was:

I decided to make it even more fun.

 I mixed the two cards from the P10!

A fun combo I would probably have never done otherwise.

This was relatively tricky...

I decided I wanted to copy this outfit I saw on Pinterest

It worked out great because of the bonus in the P10.

That outfit was one of my favorites from this week.

...even if I didn't wear it long.

I don't wear skirts on weekdays unless it's a maxi.

And, even then, I don't wear it if I'm cleaning.

Moving on...

This one was fun.

I got to try a side pony with my short hair!

It ended up being rather messy, but I loved it!

I had the perfect outfit for this day...

It's one I'd even worn before...minus the belt.

Love it.

Best part--I'm even wearing my man's belt.

 This day was another tricky one.

I had to think of what I've repaired that would go with my (one and only) vintage looking dress.

I found it--my black undershirt!

I realize you've seen an outfit similar, but there's nothing wrong with remixing.

Especially when you practically have to all the time...

 Because of the bonus in the "Black Candy" it made today pretty easy.

Statement jewelry!

Gotta say, though, I'm not usually one to wear a bunch of black and gray unless I'm performing...

My black top has diagonal ruffles that you can't see in the bummer, too cuz it's adorable.

Between the two challenges, Rachelle's is definitely the better one.

I especially love the cue cards because it gives more ideas to go by than just a dot with the theme and a few picture ideas.

Such fun!!

And, a good excuse to actually "try".

You can vote for my outfits and help me win the Perfect 10 Challenge by going to Rachelle's Cents of Style and liking them in the albums Day 1 through Day 6 on Facebook if you haven't already (or missed voting on those various days)

Again, the 21 Day one I am doing completely on my own without any prizes...just for fun.

It just so happened that the two ended up coinciding.

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