Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On to {Smaller} and {Adorable} Things

Sunday was the Primary Program.

I am so proud of the children!

They did such a wonderful job!

The Spirit was felt, they worked so hard to know their lines and all the words of the songs, and it was a success!

It was also my last Sunday as their Primary Chorister.

I cried.

I'm crying typing this.

I loved my calling.

I didn't always love the time commitment, but I loved those kids.

I'm going to miss their spirits...

...their cute eager faces...

...seeing them outside of Primary and hearing them say "that's my singing teacher!!" to those around them...

...but, most especially, I'm going to miss their voices.

Good news is, I'm not leaving town, yet.

I'll just be a few age groups and a couple doors down in Nursery.

I'm sure I'll love this calling just as much as I loved that one.

Maybe even more since I'll get to be with Seth...

...and Scott and Brianne...

...heck, with Brianne in there with me it'll be a party every week!

I'm beginning to wonder if the Primary Presidency knows how much fun we will have.

We might need to be reminded to watch the kids.

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The Browning Family said...

I am in nursery right now. You are so lucky to have lots of help!! (Right now there are 2 adults and about 15-18 kids every week!!) We are way out numbered!!!! Good Luck! You will love it!