Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dad's Surprise

Tonight at her sister's house in Boise there was a surprise party for Sierra's dad!

Sadly, we were unable to make it down for various reasons.

Since we weren't able to come, we were asked to send something...written.

Here's what Sierra wrote:

Dad's not really in to telling stories, but when we actually get him to tell one, it always ends up being really good! He has stories about taking care of the animals in Grandpa's Biology class, stories from his mission in New Zealand, and stories from working in Vegas. You just need to ask him the right questions for him to tell you the story. Even then, he'll go on tangents and tell you one you've never heard before. Sometimes I wonder if he makes up some of the details to make them better like when he told us he had straight A's his whole life, but whether or not they have some discrepencies, they are quite the stories. I hope he will make a record of them so I can tell them to my children. Congrats on making it to 60 Padre! Here's hoping you make it even further!

The Redhead

PS: Here are some story "keywords" for you to ask him tonight: (1.) Spider monkey, rattlesnake, rooster (2.) shoved in the closet every day (3.) Mafia. Dad will come up with the rest!
Dad, we hope you were surprised and had a wonderful night!
We wish we were there...

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