Monday, October 12, 2009

A Touch of Fall

I love the Fall.

I honestly couldn't wait until it finally hit!
Granted, Seth being back in school isn't a basket of roses...

...but Fall temperatures, colors, holidays...I love it all!!

I was so excited for fall to come, that I actually bought my decorations while it was still 90+ degrees outside.

I mean, I was seriously willing it to be Fall.

Anyway, it finally came, and with it, came some more crafting

Seth was so happy when I made this table runner!

He bought me a sewing machine two summers ago while we were in Austin for my birthday, and I, seriously, didn't touch it until this last week when I made this.
Sister Smith who taught one of my two sewing classes at BYU-I when I was prego totally burned me out. I needed the break.

I'm glad my sewing days have returned.

Table runner also on my craft blog
Some of my decorations that I have up for October:
Note...I'm not gonna take pictures from further away until I have a clean house. And, being that cleaning my house with a messy husband and child makes it impossible...

This little ghostie is from my madre. She sent it to me last year, and I love how it is haunting our living room.

...Pumpkin is also from mom. Great candy holder! Now, I just need more than one family to come to the door this Halloween.

I saw the leaf vine with the pumpkins and little orange berries at JoAnn's, and couldn't resist.

Tombstone on the speaker also from Mom (who was my decoration savior last Halloween when I didn't have anything because we left everything in Casper)
Other awesome finds from JoAnn

I love Halloween.
And, doesn't this basket from Real Deals make my runner look even better!?


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Sarah said...

Wow Seirra now I feel like a slacker! You are very talented at the craftiness!!