Monday, October 12, 2009

Moving Up the Beati world, anyway.

I have now been "transferred" to the mixed choir in Beati Chorum! I originally wanted to be in that one, so I'm very happy about this.

A surprise, though...was when AJ (the director) asked me to still sing for the women's group as well... even though I wouldn't be able to make many rehearsals.

It was very flattering.

A lot of new music is always exciting to me, and I'm very grateful for the opportunity!


...I'm giving up yoga night for this...

Kinda bummed about that, but still excited. Maybe Jenny will exchange services for private yoga...hmm.

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Jamie and Ryan said...

I miss singing so much! Well, actually... I sing all the time. I think it must be the performing that I miss. I'm glad you're able to perform for people even though our college choir days are behind us!