Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lucky Charm

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Blast from the Past

I was super fortunate to get to see my old choir I was in while at college perform just south of us in Sandy this last week...
BYU-Idaho's Vocal Union!
Plus, two of us "oldies".

The only current member of the choir I knew was in Collegiate Singers with me while I was there...

The concert was amazing (never thought it wouldn't be), and I even got a song dedicated to me that they weren't planning on singing!
Compliments of Sister Brower.
It was a very pleasant surprise!

After almost six years, finally getting to catch up!

And goof off.
 It was seriously so good to see everyone and catch up!!
Melissa "Melsis", Sis. Brower, me

Hey, Porter!


Lilia's Latest

Lilia cannot sleep without her swaddler.
She seriously wakes herself up every.single.time I try to get her to sleep without it with her flying hands with those sharp fingernails.
Hence all the scratches in the following pictures...
Anyway, This is usually how she looks when I put her down to sleep:
The blanket is over the binky so as to keep it in her mouth.
She usually ends up completely wiggled out from under the blanket when the sleep is over.
So, when I left to let her cry a bit before taking her nap, Porter went to check on her since she was still crying, and found this:

So, apparently, she is able to roll from her back to her front already.
I laughed at her self-imposed suffering while grabbing my camera.
I'm awesome like that.
I like to document my childrens' pains...

Before trying to get them to laugh...
...which promptly happened while I was laughing uncontrollably after taking that last picture.
But, she's not always upset.
In fact, most of the time, she looks like this:

...especially when she is supposed to be sleeping.
(Daylight Savings has totally thrown us off this year)
Her hair has gotten fuller, but we've become more curious about it.
Is she blond?

Love those little whispies.
 Or is she red?

I guess we will find out!
Lilia loves to dance with her daddy...

But, Mommy is still her favorite.

Two heads...Porter always gets a kick out of that.

Love this cheeseball.

Teething much?

Lilia has been trying to be a bit more independent...
...but still can't quite control those hands.
She has also started mimicking!
Seriously soaking up every single moment.
Love this baby girl!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Best Laughs

Lilia saves her best laughs for Porter.

5 Months

This little girl turned five months on Sunday!

And, then the very next day, this happened...
For the first time on her own!
Well, since I didn't give her a chance after rolling over day one...
What can I say...I wanted to keep her a baby longer.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February Sum Up: Part Three--Love & Birth Days

Valentines Day was lovely.
Get it?
Yeah, I know that was really lame, but hey, it's two in the morning.
Seth came home with these beauties...

...and I showed him our little beauty...
...before we left for a night out to Olive Garden.
Called ahead this time, too.
Because we're awesome.
The next day was Seth's 30th birthday!
A major milestone birthday, and he didn't even want a party.
But, he did have a great day with his dad who came down to take him skiing!

Mimicking Clark's face...
 He didn't specify what he wanted for his cake, either, so I made him brownies with white chocolate chips and a strawberry cream cheese cobbler.
Pretty sure he enjoyed both.
The moment of truth...

And...for the first birthday, ever, Seth was unable to blow out every candle.
Guess this means you're old now!
The next day, we went bowling with the family before the parents headed back to Wyoming, but I forgot my camera.
Next up, only a few days later, Porter turned FIVE!
Here he is super excited, and trying his hardest not to smile...

But, the smile eventually couldn't help but come out.

He was so excited to be five.
He was also excited about his angry bird cupcakes!
Along with his cousins... excited, they wouldn't look at the camera!
Jordanne took the excitement of treats to a whole new level... stinkin' cute.
Even with Lilia's confused red-eyed little devil look to her left.
Porter enjoyed his presents!
He got a gift of ballistics from Mama and Pops when they came for Seth's birthday, so we continued with that theme...

The wrapping paper of a person who ran out of time.
He even let his cousins play with them while they were there!

And a very short while later, he got another gift from Gammie and Grumpa!
loves this
February is one busy month!

February Sum Up: Part Two—Playful Porter

This guy…


…caused me quite a few headaches this last month.

Let’s just say he had a bit too much fun with pen…


…with crayon…


…with scissors…


**cut pants not shown**

…and with glue.


So, we have hidden those things.

Porter also decided, one day, he would see what this…


…would do on his eye.

He found out!

I guess sometimes we all have to learn things the hard way.