Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February Sum Up: Part One--Lovely Lilia

Lilia is so much fun.

 I may not get to do much, yet, but I sure love having her around.
She's gotten much more social, and we love chatting with her.
She has also gotten more vocal.
She complains...
And, she even whines...
...like a dog.
But, our favorite thing she does is laugh!
And, she does that a lot.
We started Lilia on solids this month!

Not sure she liked eating that more than her bib...
And, yes, she is on the oven.
Thank you, tiny apartment.
She has learned to control her hands better, and has grasped mulitple hanging items in front of her... 

...well...most of the time...

Unless she's trying to eat her whole fist.

Something I love right now...
Lilia needs to hold my hand all the time.
If I'm walking around with her, she'll find my finger and grab on tight.
Melts my heart every time.
Lilia worked on a little something else this month while we have been away from the blogging world...
**taken in quick succession**

...rolling over!
On the Boppy anyway.
She wasn't as successful on the floor.
Probably because after she rolled over on day one, I decided to keep her off her belly.

She hadn't quite had it mastered by the end of the month.
There has been a funny thing she's been doing lately with her right hand...
...she'll do this when she's upset, just sitting there, or when she's super excited!
Pretty sure we know what hand she's going to write with.
We all sure love this sweet little girl!!


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The Pitts Family said...

That last one of both kids is super cute. And the first one of Seth and Lilia kinda looks like he is nursing her :) Miss you!