Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lilia's Latest

Lilia cannot sleep without her swaddler.
She seriously wakes herself up every.single.time I try to get her to sleep without it with her flying hands with those sharp fingernails.
Hence all the scratches in the following pictures...
Anyway, This is usually how she looks when I put her down to sleep:
The blanket is over the binky so as to keep it in her mouth.
She usually ends up completely wiggled out from under the blanket when the sleep is over.
So, when I left to let her cry a bit before taking her nap, Porter went to check on her since she was still crying, and found this:

So, apparently, she is able to roll from her back to her front already.
I laughed at her self-imposed suffering while grabbing my camera.
I'm awesome like that.
I like to document my childrens' pains...

Before trying to get them to laugh...
...which promptly happened while I was laughing uncontrollably after taking that last picture.
But, she's not always upset.
In fact, most of the time, she looks like this:

...especially when she is supposed to be sleeping.
(Daylight Savings has totally thrown us off this year)
Her hair has gotten fuller, but we've become more curious about it.
Is she blond?

Love those little whispies.
 Or is she red?

I guess we will find out!
Lilia loves to dance with her daddy...

But, Mommy is still her favorite.

Two heads...Porter always gets a kick out of that.

Love this cheeseball.

Teething much?

Lilia has been trying to be a bit more independent...
...but still can't quite control those hands.
She has also started mimicking!
Seriously soaking up every single moment.
Love this baby girl!

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