Sunday, September 22, 2013


I had been hoping to write a post about the twins, since it has now been two years since their passing.
But, now that I am so far behind, this will suffice.
On Jilinda's and Alayna's Angel Day, we took blankets to St. Mark's to keep up with our tradition.
We have gone through so much, and yet have had so much healing because of Lilia.
Of course, it is still a "sensitive topic", but we have all found that we are able to not feel bad about not including them in our number of children we have anymore when people we don't know ask that question.
(Never expected that question to be hard, and it still surprises me when there's a little pain involved in the hearing of it)
We have found that when we think about them, even though we are sad they aren't growing up with the rest of the kids, they will have their time in our arms, and that makes us excited.
Before we moved, Lilia decided it was time to crawl!
This made the move difficult.
It was difficult anyway with her being so clingy what with all the changes.

Lilia also learned how to clap and wave before we left, but this video only shows her waving...
That's the rest of June!

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