Monday, September 23, 2013


Lilia turned 10 months!
And, she decided that she wanted the camera instead of me... 

And, this is why the majority of my pictures are now taken with my camera.
We don't live near a beach, but this lake is close enough.
About two weeks before school started, we decided to take one last family hurrah, and go to the lake.

learning how to roll in a kayak,

trying to beat the thunderstorm,

and, wind-surfing (pretty dang good in Wyoming with all the wind.)

Lilia had more sand in her mouth than on her toes.

Lilia and Jovie trying out each-others' binky.

These two are so cute together.
Cousins and friends.
A few things that happened at home every day...

We had some impressive storms almost daily.

Only thing is, you could see them coming all day, then they would hang around for about a half hour before moving on.

I love having a backyard.
Here's a video mash-up that I put together to give you a peek into our lives with Lilia:
In preparation for school starting, we went to Kindergarten orientation where Porter got to practice getting his lunch for the first time.

He's the one in the Waldo shirt.

We don't own proper chairs or even a proper dinner table yet.
You don't get rich right when you get a job...sadly.
So, I had Lilia's space-saver high chair on top of the table.
She decided one day that it was a good idea to try to get out...

Needless to say, we got a foldable chair that we could strap the space-saver to so as to avoid a repeat.
First bump.
Capitalism at its best... 

Only in America.
Spotted this on our way down to Utah for family pictures!
I'll post them when I finally make some decisions on my favorites...
Porter's first day of Kindergarten!

Nervous and excited...

...and super smiley at the end of the day!

Seth and I were pretty popular that month...

Well, mostly Seth was...
But, we were in the paper,
on the radio,
and on TV!

Lilia loves phones!! 

I don't even talk on the phone often, but she now makes everything a phone...

You can hear her chatter at the end of that it.
We boycotted a boycott at Starbucks that month.

We aren't even Starbucks fans.
Just anti-boycott.
Especially when it comes to the 2nd Amendment.
Porter even brought his gun.
Can you spot Lilia?

She likes to explore.

She still hadn't figured out how to go down the stairs quite yet.

So, I would follow her around some more.

She's not a fan of the gate when I'm on the other side of it, so that didn't really work.

You basically had a tour of the house from Lilia to get a little peek into what we've been doing since moving in!
(Painting, if you didn't catch it.)
Lilia is a bit of a kleptomaniac...

But, she sure loves George.
And, college football season has started! 

That's August!!
(I kinda like this whole month thing in one post, but it's super time-consuming, so now that we're a bit more settle with a schedule, we are going to try to update much more than once every three months...after I post about September.)

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