Monday, November 5, 2012


November 1

All of a sudden, I felt really ill.

Like, am I getting the flu? ill.

I also had an enormous headache.

So, migraine? I asked myself.

I decided to take a nap and see what would happen.

After a two hour nap at the same time as the babe, I felt worse.

I even had more symptoms--hurting breast, weird red marks, and a fever.


Never had it before, so I wasn't totally sure that was what it was I was feeling, and decided to wait a bit longer before calling the doctor.

I showered (becoming a rare thing lately), and felt even worse.

I was too sick to move.

That was the final straw, and I called the doctor.

Well, the on-call nurse, anyway, as it was after 5 at this point.

She prescribed me antibiotics after I described my situation.

She called it in at 8:55 PM.

The Walmart pharmacy I frequent closes at 9, so Seth rushed to pick them up.

He got there two minutes before closing, and practically begged them to fill it for me.

They stayed late to do so.

He must have been convincing.

I will give them baked treats for this...

...once I make some.

Anyway...practically the moment the antibiotics kicked in, I felt better.

I still had a fever, but "better" was definitely a needed improvement.

Lilia became a sleeping pro that night and surprised me by sleeping 6 hours!

It was totally awesome, and hasn't happened since...dangit.

When I woke to feed her after that long stint, I felt awful again.

I guess I went too long in between antibiotics.

I ended up having a fever until 11 AM, and then I started feeling more normal.

Mastitis it must be.

And, man, is it awful.

The meds have definitely helped.

I'm not feeling as sick anymore, and I'm not hurting as much.

Another reason I am so very grateful for modern medicine.

And for pharmacists who are nice enough to stay after hours to fill an emergency prescription.

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