Sunday, April 8, 2012

On the Hunt

I had a realization today...

...I'm really bad at making holidays awesome.

I know, big realization after I'm sure you saw my recent holiday posts...*coughSt.Patrick'sDay.

I won't link to them again to spare you.

Just sad, really.

It's a good thing that Porter hasn't seemed to notice.

This is him today on his egg hunt...

Don't mind the used Pull-Up on the floor (yes, Porter is still not night-trained)

Also, don't mind the garbage front and center in the kitchen (This apartment has beaten our first apartment and our GG apartment in "wonderful-ness"...yes, it's possible.)

Just enjoy this sweet little face with his loot...

Porter picked the outfit himself.
...because his face is just so dang cuuuuuute!

Happy Egg-hunting!!

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