Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

This Easter week has been pretty busy!

I sang in church today, so a lot of it was spent in preparation for that instead of in preparation for the "hunt".

We're grateful for the plastic eggs that are already colored when we don't have time to do it ourselves.

Besides, Porter really likes the candy inside.

So much so that he'll even wear it!

For dinner today, we joined the Johansens to celebrate...for the last time.

Had to keep up the tradition even if it was for only one more Easter!

We start Optometric externships in May and a lot of our friends, including the Johansens, will be leaving right away.

Sad to think about.

After dinner, we joined a bunch of people at the park for some dessert, and had a great time!

Another reason our week was so busy is this:


Porter's not a pro, yet, but he's catching on!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

20 Weeks Ultrasound

Get used to a lot of ultrasound pictures!

I get to have one every other week.

This week, there wasn't any measuring of the babies, just making sure their hearts are still strong.

Baby A

Baby B

On top of getting to see the babies every other week, I get my cervix checked to see if I'm going into pre-term labor.

A high risk with the situation the twins are in, they say.

The first time they measured my cervix, two weeks ago, they told me it was about 6 cm long.

This is good, apparently.

A "normal" cervix or an "average" one is 2 cm.

This week, I was measuring about 5.5 cm long.

The ultrasound technician, after measuring, told me that if he had a cervix, he'd want it to be just like mine.

Then, I got to see the radiologist who told me that I have an "awesome cervix."

After that, I had a doctor's visit where a nurse and the doctor both said the exact same thing...

"You have an AWESOME cervix!"

All I could think during this was, Thanks?

I asked what made it awesome, and was told that because my cervix is so long, it's as if I was "made" to have multiples.

A long cervix = highest chance of making it full term!

Now, if only I understood why a long cervix makes such a big difference in the chance pre-term labor...something I'll have to ask next time.

But this is good news!

Maybe not for my stretch marks on my belly...


What Porter and I do while Seth studies...

Watch a show online, share earphones and hang out!

My little buddy.

PS: yes, I got a haircut :) was starting to look a little like a mullet.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cleanin' the Sunglasses

It's hard to find Porter without his sunglasses lately.

So, here is another "shades" post.

Porter sees Seth cleaning his glasses with this shirt.

Usually after he's gotten his little fingers all over them.

So, when his sunglasses are dirty, he knows how to clean them.

Which he has to do a lot for the following reasons...

My silly boy.

"[Porter] wears his suuuuuunglasses [inside]".

Couldn't help myself.

20 Weeks

Okay, this last month, I have really started to show!

I don't really know how I feel about this, yet, but I can tell you, you can kinda see how the "feeling" is by looking at my face in the picture below.

Granted, I was wearing my black dress that makes my belly look bigger because of the line and a pregnancy back brace that was heaven during three concerts this last weekend that also made it look larger, but still.

Feeling huge.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Tomorrow on my craft blog, I will explain in more detail the girls' names and the people who inspired me to use will be a very special post.

FYI: My button to the right doubles up the address. I've made a button before that worked just fine and followed the same steps to make this one, but somehow it got messed up, so I apologize. I emailed the source, but haven't heard a reply, so I'm not sure what to do. Until then just follow the link in the words above...or delete the double after clicking the button :)

Gotta Wear Shades

If you can believe it, we had some sun!!

...well, we've had some before, but I always forgot my camera.

Seth got Porter some sweet shades for days like this.

He loves them!

Porter's one cooool dude in his sunglasses!