Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Real Windy City

Being that I have never lived in Chicago, I cannot honestly dispute their claim to the windy city title, but I'm pretty positive that if the residents of Chicago came to Casper, they would hand it over.

We have arrived at our final destinations!

I say "destinationS" because our little family will be split apart for the majority of the next three months.

Seth will be travelling back and forth from Fort Washakie over the weekends to see us.

This will be an adventure.

He is staying at a student-only place on an Indian Reservation where his housing is paid for, but family is not allowed as he shares the place with two other interns.

If you've ever been to Fort Washakie, you would know what I mean when I say there is really no where else to sanely live that is closer than Casper.

So, Casper it is for Porter and me!

We tried to find our own housing, but ended up being too far down the waiting list to be able to get a place of our own.

Therefore, we're really grateful that Clark and LaRene are willing to let us invade their basement for a little while...and at such short notice.

So far, we've unloadedeverything, gotten a sweet gym membership at Lifetime Fitness, and been able to visit the girls' grave.

We realized how happy we are to be able to to that whenever we want now that we live so near.

We're excited to be closer to the end of all of this!!

PS: If you're curious, Seth's next "rotation" is in Cheyenne, and then he hopes to have a residency at either the Salt Lake VA or a place in Denver after graduation.

We'll find out about that later.

After a possible year of residency, we will be back in Casper for...well, for forever!

Seth will eventually work with his dad when he's finished.

So, I'm happy that the friends I make here will still be here when we come back!

Just if you were curious.

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Travis and Heather said...

Girl, let's have a wind contest because holy cow. I never knew I hated wind until I moved here:). Actually, I did hear once that Casper is even more windy from a Casper may the force be with you. Wear lead shoes and tie your sweet boy to you!