Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halfway Point

Our second and third night of our move was spent in Twin.

Which just so happens to be the halfway point between where we were going from Oregon to Wyoming!

We got to celebrate Mom's birthday while we were there by going to Five Guys!

I forgot my camera.

But I definitely got pictures of Dad singing and bringing out this:


If you didn't notice in the above pictures, my sister Missy came down to hang out with us on our second night!

It was so great to walk the mall and talk with her while we followed around this little bug...

River-I can't believe how BIG she is!!

Porter got to play cars with Isaac most of the time.

And they obviously enjoyed themselves!

After dinner at Five Guys, I got to meet up with my old friend, Chelsea!

Who is pregnant with her first!!!

SO excited for her!

It was great to get to catch up before heading out the next day!

Happy birthday Mom!!!


I hope you enjoy your shelves!

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