Sunday, November 28, 2010

This Face

I don't like this face...

...I just want to hold him and never leave his side when he looks like this.

But, I got to go to church today and leave the boys at home.

Seth's a great Daddy, and made a great nurse.

Porter's gotten better, slowly, ever since I came home.

I think on the next doctor's appointment for him I'm going to ask about this.

He's sick a lot.

I have my theories, but I want to know for sure.

Does your child get puke-sick at least once a month?


Liz said...

Cute new background!

My girls just get sniffles and want to snuggle all the time. :-)

Travis and Heather said...

Oh...nothing worse than sick babies. I hope he feels better very soon. I swear on my life my kids were never as sick as during our Oregon time. Many theories I do have on that....but in the end it is all guesses. I hope you find answers to your theories, and I hope he gets better.

The Browning Family said...

Poor little guy! He looks like he feels awful :( Hope you guys are doing well otherwise.