Monday, January 11, 2010

Long Day of Travel

The day before school started, we left for home. Porter was pretty good in he car! I was glad.

We actually got to the airport pretty early...4 hours early, but it was a good thing because we ended up taking about an hour and a half just to get to the gate.
We were still there long enough that Porter got bored. We walked around on the moving sidewalks with him to entertain.
Being the cutie-pie he is, one of the officers couldn't help but offer him a sticker...

Don't be messin' 'round this officer!

We got a window seat on the flight this time, and Porter couldn't stop looking out...

He even fell asleep looking...

PS: He's got a new molar

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Travis and Heather said...

What a wonderful trip. Porter it seems, is the best traveler ever. I didn't know you had started a craft blog. I will have to be checking it more often now. It was wonderful. I wish we could stick you little ABC-art onto onesies. They are just so darling.